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Get Free TV Audience Tickets

The Audience Tickets

This page contains details on how you can be part of a TV studio audience, or attend a live recording of your favourite show. Get free tickets to your favourite television and radio shows from freegive. Free audience tickets to the recording of popular TV and radio shows.

Get Free TV Audience Tickets

Free Tickets – If you want to be part of a TV studio audience is usually free of charge and there’s always a chance that you’ll be able to get yourself on the telly. Please contact the companies listed below for information on getting free tickets.

As a rule of thumb, most studios prefer their audiences to be at least 16. Do check the age limit before you book.

Most television shows take between 1.5 and 2.5 hours so be patient and allow plenty of time as you usually can’t move from your seat once the recording starts. The studio staff will do their best to keep you entertained during set changes or if there are any technical hitches delaying proceedings.


The BBC offer free TV show tickets for BBC TV and Radio shows. Choose the show you’re interested in and fill in an online application form and the BBC will send you tickets two weeks before the show date. If you haven’t planned ahead and want to find out if you can see a BBC show this week, then check the by date link. Once you’ve seen what’s available, you can call the BBC on tel: 020 8576 1227 and book your tickets.

Applause Store

Another site to check for free TV and radio recordings is All tickets are free but you do need to register to book tickets.


And here’s another useful site for getting those free TV studio recording tickets: This site specializes in comedy shows and lists the shows and how to apply for tickets as it’s usually through another company.

TV Recordings offer free online tickets to some of the best entertainment TV show recordings in London. To get a ticket is a very simple process: register, choose a show, print an e-ticket, then go to the show! What could be easier!

SRO Audiences deal with many of the big name popular British TV show of the moment including ‘The Graham Norton Show’ and ‘Mock The Week’. Applying for tickets is kept simple with an online form and then just wait for your email confirmation which will let you know if your application has been successful.

Lost in TV

Lost in TV has some big name shows, especially for ITV. They also look for participants for for new shows so it’s an interesting site to peruse to see what shows are being planned.


Clappers is an independent TV audience company so the shows they have on offer vary regularly. At the last check they had little on offer but I’ll keep them listed here as they’ve had good shows in the past.

Be On Screen

Be On Screen is another company that has audience tickets but you can also find out how to take part in TV shows too. Watching a TV show recording can be a fun night out and a chance to see how your favourite show is created. And, because tickets are generally free, it’s a great option for entertainment on a budget.

Free Tickets to Comedy Shows

Many comedy TV and radio shows are recorded in front of a live audience – and getting free tickets to be there is really easy!

Firstly, there’s BBC Audience Services.

If you can’t get to London, you could also try BBC Northern Ireland, BBC Scotland or BBC Wales for tickets.

Not all BBC shows go through the BBC ticket system – there are other sites that help you get a seat in a audience. These include:

None of those are Freegive sites – Freegive is not responsible for the content of third party websites. It’s worth remembering that there is often a minimum age limit for shows. You should also be careful about asking for more tickets than you need, as it may affect your chances next time if you don’t use them.