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Members Testimonials. Real People. Real Stories. See how Freegive impacts the lives of members around the world.

Many thanks for a great website. It's so good to finally get something for nothing. Should be getting so many free items. Keep up the good work.


Well done this has been great fun and I've got some great stuff. All the best. Excellent site.

This site is absolutely wicked. I like this site very much, and I think it is very good for every one.

If you want to save some money, join up for the Freegive group in your area, this is a big help to get something that you want or give away something that you donít have use for anymore. As the name suggests, itís free and usually you can get something quite useful. In the recent past I got some old photography films which I can use with my old film camera (yeah, hard to believe but I am still shooting film). I have also managed to give away my old tv which was just gathering dust, now itís found a new home. So check it out, in these tough times, it might just be the answer to save some money.

I started my gift hunt on the internet. Cardiff Freegive is an online group which sees members give away items they no longer want or need to others. Itís easy to join and once youíre in you can post offers of the items you want to purge yourself of, or ask fellow members if theyíre looking to get rid of certain items. Cars, computers, sofas, televisions, entire kitchens and bikes are all among the items to have been offered on Cardiff Freegive.

Donít forget you can always give items away. Charities are always keen to receive items, and websites such as Ďfreegiveí provide the opportunity to recycle your goods by donating them to other people in your area.

Last week, I replied to someone who was generously offering computer. The offer was made to those who are struggling in these tough economic times. I replied and picked up the computer for my sister and her family. When I delivered it to my sister, she was speechless and was delighted to get it, as she had no computer in her house. May God continue to bless those who generously give.

Freegive is a wonderful and addictive way to recycle stuff you donít need or need something! I have been a member of Freegive for a few months now and I am always amazed with the things I have gotten for free and the people I have gifted things to. It is truly a win-win with Freegive.

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Freegive is made up of groups with members across the world. Freegive connects people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own towns. The only rule is that everything posted are free. There is no charge for this, it's completely free to join.

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