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How Online Surveys sites Work

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One fantastic way of making some extra money online is by taking online surveys. This will certainly not give you enough to quit your day job, but will help put a little extra in those back pockets. More and more people are signing up to online survey sites, so now might be a good time to join them. But how do you go about making extra money by taking online surveys?

What are some survey sites that actually pay?

Click on the link below you will find the list of legitimate paid survey sites that do pay.

How to take online surveys for money: Go to Freegive paid surveys UK or try Freegive other countries online surveys page. We provide free lists of online surveys offered by companies who will pay you cash, free products, vouchers and free gift cards for sharing your opinion. Simply browse through our list of surveys and take the ones that most intrigue you. The more online surveys you join the more money you will earn.

  1. What is an online survey job?

    Online survey job it's all about consumers influence future products and services by volunteering to participate in consumer research, such as online surveys and product tests. Members enjoy the benefits of voicing their opinions, while also getting rewarded and make money online.

  2. How online paid survey sites work

    The first thing that you have to do is sign up to as many of these online survey sites as possible, wait for survey alerts to land in your inbox, then zip through the questions. Survey sites then add the cash to your account.

    A quick search on the Freegive paid surveys page will provide you with a massive free list of survey companies. To make any real money, you will have to sign up with as many companies as you can. Beware! Any site that promises to make your fortune or asks for an unreasonable amount of money to sign you up should be avoided. The genuine companies will not ask you to pay money to join. Please don't ever pay to register with an online survey site.

  3. Taking online surveys

    Once you sign up to these companies they will, no doubt, ask you a load of questions about your lifestyle. This is so that they can match you to surveys that will have some relevance to you and ones that you may even find very interesting. To start with, accept as many of these survey invitations as possible as this will build up your pennies quickly and at the same time will provide you with a good reputation with the company. Make sure that you answer truthfully all the questions as not doing so may mean that you are struck off from the site.

  4. How do I get paid for doing online surveys

    Payments from survey companies are usually made via PayPal or cheque.

    When you initially register with a survey site, you may notice that they ask you for your address. This is for demographic information purposes, but also so that the market research company has an address on file to mail payment to.

    You may notice that some survey companies have a points system whereby they will give you a certain number of points for each survey you complete. This is often the case for survey panels who seek panellists in multiple countries. Instead of converting each survey incentive into a cash amount, they simply assign a survey with a certain number of points. When the panellist is ready to cash out, they can usually do so in their own currency. Survey companies have these points systems simply for simplicity sake on their end. Currencies fluctuate daily, so having their own “currency” keeps things simple.

    After you complete a survey, check the website to see how long it will take for you to receive payment. Then check your mail for your cheque!

    70 percent of survey companies sites will pay you cash through Paypal. If you do not currently have a PayPal account, it is fast and easy to set up and only takes a few minutes.

  5. Getting paid

    How to open a Paypal account?
    - Go to
    - Click on Sign Up.
    - Choose your country and click on "Personal or "Business account.
    - Fill in the fields, then click on Agree and Create Account.

  6. Why do companies want to pay you for your opinion?

    It's because major corporations are always interested in learning how they can improve on the products and services they offer. These companies desperately want to know what the average consumer likes, doesn't like, and wants more of so they can try to deliver on those things and make more money.

  7. How much money can you make with online survey?

    Dedicated survey-stashers can earn up to £300 per month in cash, rewards and gift vouchers. So in order to make the most money possible you will want to sign up for more survey companies so that you will always have surveys available for filling out if you’d like.

  8. Four key tips to bear in mind when joining survey sites

    - Don't ever pay to register with an online survey site.

    - If the survey site is not paying you and you've already complained to the website, try also complaining through its social media channels.

    - Always withdraw your payment as soon as it is put into your website account. If the website closes, it could take your money with it.

    - Use a secondary email address for all of your survey emails. This will stop your primary mailbox from being flooded, and it will mean you are instantly alerted to any new surveys that have been sent out. Make sure your spam filter isn't blocking any emails from coming through. Set up free email account with Yahoo, Google and Hotmail.

  9. Is this a scam?

    No, this is not a scam. We're not asking you for any money, and neither will the survey companies listed on our site.

    The idea is that you provide your information so that you can be demographically targeted in order to participate in online surveys.

    A true market research company will not send SPAM, but only online survey invitations. If you're not convinced, simply create a new e-mail account with a free e-mail provider such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. specifically for online survey invitations.

    A true market research company will not sell your information. Look for a privacy policy, and then read it if you’re unsure. When you answer online surveys, you do so anonymously.

    Still unsure? Register with one survey company and see how you like it. If you don’t, simply unsubscribe from the site, and you’re finished with it. If you’re convinced that it’s for you, come back to our website and register with all of the survey companies listed – maximizing your chances of receiving online survey invitations.

  10. Big promises

    Despite the fantastic claims one can see on many survey websites, there are no companies that will pay hundreds of dollars to anyone for completing their surveys. Market researchers need opinions from a variety of consumers so the likelihood of one individual receiving every survey a company has available is highly unlikely. For instance, one survey may target someone who is married, while the next is for singles only. So while it’s possible to get a fairly steady number of survey invitations (especially when signed up for more than one survey).

    Large financial reward promises is a big warning light to look out for. Typically completed online surveys are worth a few pounds or dollars at most, so while taking surveys for cash can earn some extra spending money it is not a ticket to becoming a millionaire.

  11. Personal information

    Legitimate survey companies will ask for basic information upon registration, such as name, age, address and occupation. This helps them categorize each member so they can determine which surveys are send to each respondent.

    If a company asks for credit card information…please watch out! Read through the rewards/payment section of the survey company's website to see how respondents are typically rewarded. Most common these days is payment via PayPal, which means the company needs your PayPal email address and that’s all. Providing your credit card information, bank account information, etc. are all completely unnecessary and should raise warning flags.

    Paid survey scam companies may also take information gathered from new members and sell it to third parties. Honest and legitimate survey companies follow strict guidelines and online safety protocols to ensure your personal information never gets sold or compromised in transit. They will state all of this in their privacy policies on their websites.

  12. Get started

    We've researched and analysed some online survey work from home opportunities, including doing paid surveys, online market research, focus groups and product testing, where you can either earn money or win prizes (or both!). You won't earn a fortune, but there are some great rewards. Get Started.

Thank you for choosing and we hope you enjoyed our guide to making money online with the best free paid survey sites and how online surveys work. Get paid to complete surveys for cash working from home. Go to Freegive paid surveys UK or try Freegive other countries online surveys page.

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