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• Membership does not require approval.

• Messages from new members require approval.

• All members can post messages.

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Please spread the word and help Accra Freegive grow bigger and stronger - more members means more opportunity to recycle and get stuff you need for free. Have fun and keep on recycling with Accra Freegive Group.

Group Information Page


Welcome To Accra Freegive Group

You are welcome to join, if like us you either live or work close to Accra in Ghana (Africa). We are a group of people, voluntary and community groups who like to see old things either re-used or recycled rather than sent to landfill. Whether your children have grown up and no longer need their old toys and clothes, or you are upgrading your kitchen appliances or furniture, there are always people in our area who will appreciate the chance to re-use these things and you will feel pleased that they will be given another lease of life. You can also post a wanted request, you’d be surprised how many people have things that you need that they are happy to see taken by people who really need them. It's completely free to join and everything posted must be free. So have fun, jump right in, keep on recycling with us and thank you for joining our group. Please help spread the word.

To view the items being given away in Accra, you must be a member of the Accra Freegive Group. Visit the Accra Freegive Group in Yahoo Group where they are located by clicking on the link. Visit The Main Accra Freegive Yahoo! Group Page

Very important
Freegive Moderators do monitor the postings, and anyone using the list to send spam will be immediately banned from the group.

Freegive group members safety and privacy
When posting to the group or participating in an exchange, please take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy. By joining the group, You agree that freegive.co.uk group owners and moderators or anyone affiliated with freegive.co.uk are not responsible or liable for any circumstance resulting from any freegive related exchange or communication.

Post message. How do I post an item?
Please click here for help in posting messages correctly.

Subject must be in one of the following formats:
• OFFER: Item(s) Example: (I have a sofa to give-away - Your Location)
• TAKEN: Item(s) Example: (Sofa has been gone/claimed/picked up - Your Location)
• WANTED: Item(s) Example: (I need a sofa - Your Location)
• RECEIVED: Item(s) Example: (Thanks, I got the sofa I needed - Your Location)

About this group
This group accepts members from the Accra in Ghana only. If you are outside of this area, please find a group near you.

Do I need Yahoo! email address to join this group?
No. Although if you want to use the Accra freegive yahoo group website, you will need yahoo email address. Please note that yahoo email address is not required to join this group. Please click here for more info.

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