How free give community recycling group works

Give and get stuff for free

Freegive Community Recycling Group connects people who are giving and getting unwanted item for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse, reduce, recycle and keeping good stuff out of landfills. It's completely free to join and everything posted must be free.

For Example

You have a television or sofa or bed or computer or clothes or furniture or printer or toys or washing machine you were going to throw out.

• Register for a free account.

• Post an item.

• People respond to your item if they are interested.

• You pick a recipient and arrange for them to collect the item.

• They take the item away.

• You let Freegive Community Recycling Group members know that the item is no longer available by posting an item TAKEN message on the site.

• Someone in your community who needed your unwanted item can now use it, fix it or use parts for spares.

• Please note. If you need an item you can request one on Freegive Community Recycling Group in the same way by posting an item WANTED message on the website and if someone has what you're looking for they will contact you to offer it. If you still have unwanted items you are trying to get rid of, have you tried freegive community recycling group.

How to post an item on freegive community recycling group

Is your item OFFERED, TAKEN or WANTED?

• When making an offer, write "offer or offered" in the title line first.
• Don't put your phone number in it or it will ring off the hook.
• Ask individuals to email you with their phone number.
• It's a first-come, serve type of thing.
• Once your item is gone, make another posting that says it's gone.
• Always state what area you live in. People need to know whether they have the means to get to your place to pick up the item. (Please do not put your full address).

Please Note: Messages will be rejected if the below format is not followed.

• Select a Category: Items Wanted, "Items Offered", Items Taken

• Title: OFFERED: HP Printer

• Description: Good condition HP Printer - Will probably need new cartridges to make it work.

• Photos: You can add your item photo

• Select a Country: Canada, "United Kingdom", USA, France and more

• Region: London

• City: Lambeth

• City Area: Brixton

Example: Item Offer, Wanted and taken (HP Printer)

Your (OFFERED) message will appear like this:

Lambeth, Brixton (London)
Good condition HP Printer - Will probably need new cartridges to make it work.

Your (WANTED) message will appear like this:

WANTED: HP Printer
Lambeth, Brixton (London)
Hi I am looking for HP Printer for my internet. If you have one that you want to give away please let me know thanks.

Your (TAKEN) message will appear like this:

TAKEN: HP Printer
Lambeth, Brixton (London)
HP Printer has now been taken.

• Go to freegive community recycling group

Freegive community recycling group rules

By accessing Freegive Community Recycling Group you are agreeing to the following terms, which are designed to make sure that Freegive Community Recycling Group works for everyone.

Please Note: Your profile should not contain any link to your website or to other websites.

The following items are not permitted to be posted and will be removed from the Freegive Community Recycling Group and the person will be banned from the site immediately:

- NO Advertising
- NO Discrimination
- NO Fraud or illegal or inappropriate posting
- NO Pornographic or adult material
- NO Offensive materials
- NO Sexual orientation
- NO Drugs, whether prescription or controlled
- NO Abuse other users, no spam and no personal attacks
- NO Weapons
- NO Hatred
- NO Obscene material or stolen goods

Freegive Community Recycling Group members are required to be respectful, diplomatic, and considerate of all other members, races, religions, etc. We do not allow cursing or insults of any type. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make your time on Freegive Community Recycling Group pleasant and enjoyable.

Any form of advertising on the site is prohibited and may result in users being banned from the site immediately. To post your ad please go to freegive classified directory at

Additionally, you agree not to contact anyone who has asked not to be contacted; "stalk" or otherwise harass anyone; collect personal data about other users for commercial or unlawful purposes.

Please Note: Your message should not contain link to your website or to other websites.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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